Why do we support all these layoffs?

[from Suicide et sacrifice]

…All the perverse effects of these innovations obtain at the same time if we threaten a group with some layoffs. For right away, the group shatters: in place of searching for the means of collectively opposing the social plan, we see little groups discussing in whispers how to designate what must go. The loudmouth is replaced with low voices. Denunciation is developed, becoming systematic. The surveilled perverts, the maniacs, are put on file. The complainers no longer complain: they denounce. Little by little, the group prepares itself for being decimated. We can happily imagine seeing those who have been designated go away: the losers of the great game of nature, the least apt, the weak links. Gathering together all the incitements to suicide of new managerial practices, the threat of layoffs is the royal road of business neo-fascism.


trans. Gil Morejón, December 2013

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