A Negative Ontology

A Negative Ontology.

I take an interest in any thing that basically and fundamentally does not exist. Since we do not exist that much, yet still more than the world, this matter of interest is indeed a far-reaching one.

Within the new ontology, the immaginary is more real than reality itself : psychologically speaking, for it is lived through more intensely ; economically speaking, for it is more profitable.

This is the triumph of Gorgias and Protagoras, as we have built a world where they are now right, and this world is about to become ours.

 (Traduit du français par Paul Aupetitgendre.)

26 thoughts on “A Negative Ontology

  1. I wish I could read French since I really enjoy your comments in English. Thank you for visiting my blog and I enjoy what I see and understand of yours.


  2. glad to find some articles in english – i have put several french entries into google translate and i think its working alright. after all, even the english posts have the inevitable characteristic of multiple meanings due to the perception of the reader.
    i am keenly aware that when we use language, from the instant it comes out we are probably losing some of our meaning in the mind of the listener. i want to know Exactly the definition one means when choosing to use a word or a phrase. (i know, people in hell want ice water, too) lol

    ‘Within the new ontology, the immaginary is more real than reality itself : psychologically speaking, for it is lived through more intensely ; economically speaking, for it is more profitable’

    this statement should get a nice juicy posting all of its own. and i’d like elaboration on ‘new’.

    i believe this subject should be a related article link to an upcoming post at my site.
    perhaps there is already one here in french; please direct.


  3. Dear J-P,

    First of all thank you very much for visiting my latest post and following my blog.
    Second, as a native Romanian, I speak and understand some French, but I’ve lost so much over the years, that it has become rather complicated to understand your posts.
    The few English posts I have found here, introduced me to a world so familiar with mine…
    We advocate much of the same philosophical core, which should become obvious if you’d honour me by reading a few of my texts, especially poetry, where I can better develop my thoughts. I will do my best trying to read your French posts, who knows, my memories may come to life from the ashes of my forced neglect…

    All my very best.



  4. I’m not sure I took your meaning, but the words have resonance. Perhaps the less we physically move ourselves the more we live in our minds? Trading the action of our bodies for the more efficient and energy saving awake dream.
    Unfortunately my French is from high school a long time ago, so not up to the task of understanding your other writing.


  5. A world imagined and dreamed I think – we want to create and live inside our dreams – un monde imagine, reve, je crois – on veut creer et vivre dans notre reves…


  6. Our existence is one of constant questioning.
    Either we do exist, and are helpless to communicate our existence to anything else in existence, or we do not exist, and our non-existence becomes our existence, and we are faced with the same inability to communicate our existence.
    An existence of constant questioning, with no clear answers.


  7. Ontology cannot be negative the problem here i think is the wrong ontology, i mean all you have describe is ok is true, but just because you live in the media world, the media doesn’t describe reality they create one the media reality but media are not life …. life is something different …. sorry for my owfull eng


  8. Ole, ole! As a writer I live in my imagination 85% of the time. The imaginary is a chance for us to escape, to be a bit freer than we otherwise would, even if we really know it’s not real. Thanks for checking out my stuff at The imAgine RooM, looking forward to seeing more of your posts.


  9. Dear JP,

    First of all Thank you for visiting my bog and following it. Here you have a wonderful space that I must sincerely compliment.

    ‘the immaginary is more real than reality itself’
    It has to be like this, more real, more nourishing and satisfactory. Reality itself is a perception waiting to be formed in the human conscious. I ask ‘Can a non-human comprehend the beauty of a solar eclipse?’ When in an imaginary state, deep into our thoughts, a sense of purity prevails that reaches out to the depths of our conscious where higher energy transactions are taking place.
    Indeed it is a partial triumph of Gorgias – The nihilist, that communication and transcendence of reality and existence is not possible, it’s perseverance is only possible in the intrinsic systems of our conscious and that once it gets released in various forms no more can it be deemed true. It merely exists in a wave form waiting to be perceived again and It’s energies manifested.

    Hope to see more english language full length posts.
    Keep reading and writing!

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