Is capital a void?

What is capital? Take profits, buyouts, fusions, shutdowns, layoffs, supressions: these are the sinister noises of a world which tends to reduce itself always in order to produce more capital. But what is this global, patient, fatal vault [caveau] which always seems to await all activities, all things and all human beings? Capital is not the product of our world, but its principle. It is not its consequence, but the unique and iniquitous principle that proportions all existence to profitability. To exist, for it, is to be profitable. Capital accumulates itself by imposing this rule to all things, producing them if they are profitable, destroying them if they are not. Different from production, which must maintain its factors, annihilation is absolute profit: the transformation of the suppressed unprofitable into net income. Capital finds in annihilation the limit of profitability.


trans. Gil Morejón, December 2013

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