Hypercapitalism: Security or Imprisonment?

[from Suicide et sacrifice]

How to live in security? Stay at home! Security is imprisonment! Make yourself as in the case of a chemical, bacteriological or nuclear alert: glue your windows shut and listen to the radio! Leave the real to the specialists, it’s dangerous… Profit virtually at home, in safety…


Hypercapitalism is the alliance of the couch and the prison: it has invented cushy channel-surfing nomadism, the sofa-sport, surfing the internet. All screens say to you: give it a try, and you will see all images! All enterprises murmur: stay at home, and we will deliver you the world. Hypercapitalism has replaced the real with the image, and reason [raison] with delivery [livraison].


And watch out for what approaches without waiting for our command: this can only be the sudden intrusion of an outside! An insidious invasion of the real in my world! A clandestine immigration of reality… Only complete, definitive isolation can save us, where nothing more could come to us any longer. Little by little, the vault [caveau] becomes our ideal of security.


trans. Gil Morejón, December 2013

Une réflexion sur “Hypercapitalism: Security or Imprisonment?

  1. Capitalism tempered with Christianity is the only viable solution. Capitalism can literally consume people, while they pointlessly pursue happiness through materialism, Christianity provides the necessary counter-balance.There is no true, or long-lasting, happiness available through material goods, despite what most people believe. Real happiness only comes with the adoption of the tenets of Christianity.


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