The Requirement of Existence

Traduit du Français par Paul Aupetitgendre.

Is living the same as accepting nonexistance? Is it a shiver we feel,
while sweating ourselves an fearing that we live but inadvertantly?
Mortifying and  punishing oneself, shrinking one’s own surface,
shriveling and begging -several times- for excuses ? No one can
content oneself with nonexistence. Let us  consider  the fact that one
 may definitely wish for it, yet cannot be happy with it, due to the
simple fact that it leaves the only question of men untouched :
nonexistence does not prevent one from suffering.

One will then need to exist. It is a reckless action, and so is
insurrection. Every wisdom that has come into force clearly stands
against such an attempt. Every established power has taken precaution.
Were I to ignore advice and threat, will I not need then, at the very
least and in order to exist, to dig one moment and one place for
myself, somewhere within space and time?

40 thoughts on “The Requirement of Existence

  1. Very interesting, Jean-Paul. I wish I could understand more of your blog. It promises wisdom. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my posts. I hope there is some way we can bridge this gap of languages!

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    1. I agree with Priya, I wish my high school French gave me more of an understanding of your other articles, which look interesting. Doesn’t WordPress have a translator in your dashboard? If so, would you kindly enable it?

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  2. Dommage que je ne sais pas le français pour profiter de votre blog. Mais je sais que ce message a été publié sur le mariage et l’amour. Je pense que un mariage fondé sur l’amour est sur ​​des fondements fragiles parce que l’amour est une émotion et les émotions peuvent varier de temps à autre. Compatibilité, le caractère, l’éducation, etc, devrait probablement être plus d’importance que l’émotion. Mais je n’ai jamais été mariés, donc j’ai besoin de ne pas être pris au sérieux!

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  3. “shrinking one’s own surface” That is expressive and precise….I like that.
    The endless puzzle of suffering and how to conquer it in our own individual lives is truly the crushing burden of men. It seems we are all, as humans, stuck between the impossible prospect of disappearing and the equally impossible prospect of escaping the common, dull noise of grief through our days. Man is indeed cursed, in a perpetually precarious position which steals life from his soul. It seems that he is trapped in an inbetween world, where there is no rest, no peace. This is the death that Christ came to liberate men from.

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  4. Ce texte a suscité le commentaire suivant de Léna Ganz:

    « Il faudra donc exister »

    L’existence semble être un combat, un devoir d’insurrection. Exister, ce serait prendre la décision de faire barrage, d’aller contre tout ce qui est établi. Mais les efforts constants de l’inexistant, qui doit chercher à s’effacer, à se camoufler en tous lieux et en toutes situations ne font ils pas de l’inexistence un combat incessant, plus encore que l’existence ? Car il ne suffit pas de ne pas se manifester pour passer inaperçu. Se faire oublier suppose de savoir doser très précisément sa présence et son absence : il s’agit de montrer qu’on est là, mais juste assez pour que personne n’y pense. Il faut en même temps adapter ce calcul à toutes formes de situations, car il est très différent d’inexister lorsqu’on est assis dans un wagon de métro et quand on prend la parole en public.
    On a peut être tort de considérer l’inexistant comme celui qui refuse de se dresser contre les ordres par désir de confort et de conformisme, ou comme le craintif qui, n’osant rien faire, choisit la fameuse » voie de la facilité ». Inexister demande peut être bien plus de courage et d’endurance qu’on veut bien le dire.

    L’existant, lui, est tout puissant : il sait, au fond, que les efforts du monde pour le faire rentrer dans les rangs, aussi violents soient ils, ne sont pas bien dangereux. Décidant de s’accorder à lui même la légitimité que tous lui refusent, qu’a t-il à faire des menaces ? Les entend t il seulement ? Et les sanctions ? Lui font elles mal ? L’existence n’est peut être pas la décision d’aller contre les directives, mais plutôt la solution qui permet de se dégager de leur joug. L’existant ne combat pas, il retire au pouvoir sa légitimité toute entière et se l’approprie. Il n’y a plus de pouvoir quand il y a de l’existence.
    Est-ce vraiment si compliqué d’exister ? Qu’est-ce au juste, devenir existant quand on inexiste, si ce n’est arrêter de combattre ? L’inexistant est un existant qui s’ignore. Le rôle de l’existant n’est peut être pas de libérer l’inexistant, de se dévouer pour lui, mais plutôt de lui donner l’idée d’exister, de lui montrer qu’il est non seulement plus souhaitable mais aussi plus simple et plus confortable d’aller contre tout ce qui est établi. Tout le monde désire l’existence. On pourrait peut être dire » il suffit d’exister »

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  5. El requisito de la existencia es el amor universal en todo sentido, es sentir que la vida es mucho mas que el mundo de apariencia es unir la fuerza del amor universal en unidad con el ser interior para construir una calidad de vida mejor individual

    El requisito de todo lo que existe es el amor en cada ser, es la base de todo lo que es el ser humano, en todo sentido cuando el ser humano entienda que el amor es el requisito mas importante en este planeta. . . . . . . es cuando todo puede cambiar, puede cambiar el rumbo de nuestra historia con solo el amor de muchos seres existentes como nosotros .

    En la actualidad podemos cambiar todo lo que esta ocurriendo en el mundo, el requisito mas grande del mundo es >
    el poder mas grande de mundo es >

    el Amorrrrrrrrrr

    El requisito del la completa alquimia de todo que debe ser transformado…………
    .. es el amor ………
    …… el elixir de toda vida…………….

    es el fango que se transforma en metal noble

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  6. This is a great post and reflection. I was quite surprised to see it written in French! I’m so glad that my daughter started teaching me. Lol. I called her downstairs to translate some things for me but you have given me a reason to stop slacking and get back to learning the language! Thank you so much for making me think as well as stopping by my blog page.

    Blessings to you,

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  7. I have only been able to read your couple of posts in English, but after reading them, wish I knew French! A special thanks for liking my post “The Secret Of Happiness”, and for bringing me here to your blog. Perhaps you will begin writing more in English. I’m sure it would be wonderful.
    with love light and JOY

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  8. I wish I could read French….you know, the American school systems aren’t so global:) I enjoyed this piece. I tackle this question more from a long-term approach, where man has a long-term vision for mankind such that the genes we pass on and the culture is such that we can experience a steady progression forward or at the very least a certain level of enjoying existence for a large portion of the population. Unfortunately, we seem to be in a deep dark abyss compared to past cultures. I fear time does not equal progress despite technological advances. The human being has unfortunately become nothing more than a commodity and an economic unit up for sale.

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  9. Ironically there is a gray area of existence. The need to exist, proves the absence of our existence. I like to ponder more on the question, who shall we exist for? We create our existence one day at a time, just as we manifest the personalities that we attach to those whom we socialize. The substance of our existence, is only composed of the recipe we provide. Great article. Deep!

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  10. I have been having simi;ar thoughts tat i have been mussing about in my brain.
    I love the thought that time and the passage of it is not actually reflective of our realities. Thankfully so!
    Thanks for liking My Barefoot Baroness Blog. post today. So nice to meet like minded people ~

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  11. “Is living the same as accepting nonexistance? Is it a shiver we feel,
    while sweating ourselves an fearing that we live but inadvertantly?”
    Is there something about expressing this en Francais that makes it translate so beautifully? This is absolutely exquisitely put.
    The entire post gives rise to the fundamental questions of existence.
    Good job!

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  12. To be or not to be… Well I guess to be is not just not being but unwrapping the mistery of LIfe & revealing Self.- existence each single day…

    Thanks Jean Paul… à bientôt Aquileana 🙂

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      1. yes, but I wonder if it is an experience as it’s not something the mind can grasp in time is it? somehow I become more conscious in meditation of non-existence as something that always is, but I don’t think in a cartesian sort of perception, but a deep knowing.

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  13. Very interesting question! I never knew there is a requirement for existence, at least not that my dad or mum would say to me on the day I descended on earth. Maybe my existence materialized their existence? But then, what is our requirements for own existence? Is this a meta-physic question or a psychological recognition fulfillment we are achieving here? Can we exist and yet not exist? Duality in the play I felt.

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  14. “nonexistence does not prevent one from suffering.” That is true. Suffering is inevitable. However, our response to it remains in our control, for the most part.

    I wish I had continued with advanced lessons in French to really understand your writing in its entirety and depth. But some things are certainly not lost in translation.

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  15. Definitely true, Jean Paul: “nonexistence does not prevent one from suffering.”

    I wonder who originated the concept of “nonexistence,” and what do they mean by that. Does it mean mere observance of what’s happening right before you or what you’re personally feeling and you detach yourself from what it is—as if you exist as pure consciousness?

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  16. everytingh must be aducated also pain , if you replace the life (that is also pain) with things you have less pain and it work but i’ts a non exixtent way

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  17. Is living the same as accepting non existence?
    What is alive if not what is to be used to its full…… to its end. Only the close proximity to its opposite will make us feel, make us aware. Dont hold back and embrace its beauty.
    YES! it is to accept its natural outcome. But what is non existence? Maybe we misunderstand

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